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Charter a cruise ship for your company, family or organization.  A cruise ship charter is a wonderful opportunity to gather your best employees, family or favorite clients in an intimate resort setting, but so much better than a resort.  A ship charter puts you in full control, providing the opportunity to customize itineraries, plan activities and even menus.  Contact Ship Charters International to take advantage of incentive ship charters for your organization, or to charter a ship for your special occasion.

Ship Charters International has researched and negotiated cruise-ship charter agreements for major television reality shows, international broadcasters, charities, national real estate firms, movie studios, high technology firms and others; for family reunions, extended family birthday celebrations, non-profit charities' fund raisers, Olympics, Super Bowl, Grand Prix of Monaco, Cannes Film Festival, U.S. Open Golf Tournament and corporate incentive cruises.


Find out how you or your organization can charter a large, ultra-modern cruise ship for 60 to 3,000 guests and cruise lengths from seven to 30 days (or even longer).  Gain access to the leading cruise lines and cruise ships throughout the world.  Our knowledgeable cruise ship charter staff will provide hands-on assistance at every step along the way: needs assessment, matching ship size, ship availability, rate negotiation, contractual and legal documents, pre-charter ship inspections/cruises, custom itineraries, accommodations, food & beverage packages, onboard gifts and amenities, shore excursion selection and cruise documentation.

We are pleased to provide you information about cruise ship charters, rates, accommodations, and facts about specific ships' availability for certain dates or geography.  We will respond promptly to your request for charter information.  We recommend you first review the frequently-asked questions, by clicking here.

Click here for an online form that will expedite searching for the most appropriate ships for your charter.

Please note most cruise charters are contracted at least one year in advance and are confirmed by an initial deposit and a letter of credit for the balance.

Ship Charters International
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e-mail us now at shipcharters@tampabay.rr.com

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